XJ-10000TG High Definition Outdoor TV Antenna
XJ-10000TG High Definition Outdoor TV Antenna
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XJ-10000TG High Definition Outdoor TV Antenna

  • Infrared remote control, 360 degree rotation
  • 10M RG6 cable
  • 300-mile signal reception

XXJ XJ-10000TG High Definition Outdoor TV Antenna is a high-definition digital signal antenna that can receive high-definition digital signals and analog signals with low signal loss, frequency range UHF and VHF, and has the function of amplifying signals.

XXJ XJ-10000TG High Definition Outdoor TV Antenna is a classic design, using a scientific rectangular shape, beautiful appearance, new ABS plastic, all black (color can be customized according to customer requirements), durable, windproof and waterproof, signal receiving ability, infrared remote control, 360 Rotation and low noise. During the use of the product, you can find the most suitable angle by rotating the antenna to receive the desired channel. This product has been sold in many countries for many years and is a very cost-effective product.

XXJ XJ-10000TG High Definition Outdoor TV Antenna uses sensitive components, optimized circuit board, high gain amplifier, low attenuation signal line (length can be customized according to customer requirements, conventional 10 meter line), all copper connector, beautiful manual, plus hard color box, suitable for international transportation packaging. All products are produced in three quality inspections to ensure product quality is stable.

This product is suitable for the United States, Mexico, South America, Africa, and other regions.

XXJ XJ-10000TG High Definition Outdoor TV Antenna is an outdoor TV antenna, suitable for outdoor high places, such as roof, high pole. Try to avoid the building, trees block, pay attention to the support rod fixed firmly, anti-slip.

Our company also produces the corresponding support bar, if necessary, can consult our sales staff. This product has stable performance and easy installation, and is suitable for sale in online stores.

1. How long is your company’s delivery time?

The delivery time of our company is 30 days after the deposit is received.


2. What is the payment method for your company?

Our company can accept payment methods, TT, letter of credit, based on the credit sales of China’s credit insurance companies, the specific conditions can consult our antenna sales staff.


3. What is the production capacity of your company?

Our antenna production capacity is strong, and we can produce about 200 containers per year.


4. What is the packaging method for your products?

The packaging method is mainly determined by the customer, and the conventional packaging is a color box and a PE bag.


5. What is the transportation method for your products?

Our main mode of transport is shipping, and individual countries and regions can use rail transport.


6. Do you all produce those types of antennas?

We mainly produce TV antennas, digital antennas, satellite antennas, and Yagi antennas.


7. Are you have the product certified?

Our antennas can be made with different certifications depending on the country of the customer.

Antennas with certificates will have a lot of details to communicate due to differences in product standards. Therefore, if you have a certificate, please communicate directly with the sales staff.


8. Does the product have a warranty period? Is there a sale?

Our antenna products are all exported, we do not provide quality assurance, customers can carry out an inspection before the goods leave the factory, after the inspection is qualified, then shipped.

According to the actual situation of the customer’s sales, we can provide some accessories to the customer at their discretion.

Please confirm with the sales staff after the specific warranty and after-sales.


9. What are your product sales areas?

Our products are sold in most countries around the world using TV antennas such as Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, France, UK, Canada, etc.