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Are you looking for a professional TV antenna factory?

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XXJ is here for you!

XXJ is the leading manufacturer of TV Antennas in China.

With over 12 years of manufacturing experience with TV Antennas,

XXJ has extended our market share to the United States, South America, Russia, Asia, the Europe markets, and more than 30 countries and regions

XXJ has 10 professional antenna production lines, more than 300 staff, and 20 injection molding machines. It can produce more than 300 containers a year, and more than 1 million households use XXJ antenna products every year.

Why do customers trust XXJ?

XXJ has leading technology research and development capabilities, advanced testing equipment, and can provide customers with solid technical support.

XXJ controls the quality of production, inspects raw materials, and there is 100% quality inspection of all finished products. The AQL standard is applied to the sampling after product is stored, as to ensure product quality.

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