TV Antenna Purchasing Guide – How to Find a China TV Antenna Manufacturer

Interpretation of the Distribution of Chinese TV Antenna Factory

    As an indispensable accessory electronic product in life, TV antennas are widely used in homes, offices, hospitals, stations, shopping malls, etc., and are important equipment for watching TV programs.

    The manufacturers of TV antennas are mainly concentrated in three regions of China, namely Zhejiang LongYou, Guangdong Guangzhou and Jiangsu DanYang. Here, we have gathered supporting industries such as raw materials, parts, finished product assembly, supporting equipment, talent exchange, logistics and transportation, thus forming a professional industrial cluster, forming a scale effect, ensuring the stability of product quality and the development of new products. Promote the sustainable development of the industry.

    Then what are the characteristics of these three regions production bases? Let’s discuss them separately.


DanYang, Jiangsu

    DanYang’s antenna industry started in 1985. It was originally a plug-in for a TV factory. Later, it gradually developed the TV antenna business. In the initial stage, it mainly served the local needs in mainland China. After 1990th, it slowly transformed into an international service. In the market, the basic characteristics of this area are that the scale of the factory is relatively small, the production mode is relatively loose, and contracted production is generally adopted. The main production is a simple indoor TV antenna with a low price. Shipping port is, Shanghai Port

    Main products: rabbit antenna, sheep antenna, radar antenna, etc.

Indoor TV AerialXJ-806 Indoor Antenna

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Traffic Guide:

    High-speed railway: From Shanghai, Yiwu, Hangzhou, there is a direct High-speed railway to DanYang North Station, about 3 hours.

    Plane: From Guangzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen There are direct flights to ChangZhou Airport, then take a taxi to DanYang, about 3-4 hours.


Zhejiang Longyou

    LongYou’s TV antenna industry started in 1988s. In the beginning, it mainly served the needs of the local market in mainland China. It also served the needs of border countries such as Russia and North Korea. After the 1990s, it gradually transformed into global trade. The scale is large, the production mode is standardized, the production line is generally adopted, there is a technical team, the production process has strict quality inspection process, and the price is moderate. It can produce low-value products or produce high-quality products according to customer requirements. The shipping ports are Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port.

    Main products: outdoor TV antenna, new digital antenna, Yagi antenna, etc.

Digital AntennaHigh Definition Outdoor TV Antenna

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LongYou XuJun Electronics Co., Ltd.:

    Founded in 2006, it can produce medium and high-end antenna products, which can be produced according to customer samples and has the best technical team in the industry. Best antenna supplier of longYou city Honorary title.

Zhejiang LongHua Electronics Co., Ltd.:

    Founded in 2005, it can produce medium and high-end antenna products, which can be produced according to customer samples, and the technical team is the second in the industry and mature in production.

Traffic Guide:

    High-speed railway:: From Yiwu (20 minutes), Hangzhou (40 minutes), Shanghai (90 minutes), Ningbo (90 minutes), Guangzhou (8 hours), there are direct High-speed railway:.

    Aircraft: From Guangzhou, Shenzhen There are direct flights to QuZhou Airport. About 3-4 hours  


Guangzhou, Guangdong

    Guangzhou’s TV antenna industry started in 1995. With China’s reform and opening up, Guangdong’s antenna industry directly serves the international market. Because of its superior geographical position, it is a bridgehead for foreign trade and a place where the Canton Fair is held. It has a unique geographical advantage. And policy advantages, so Guangdong’s antenna foreign trade export industry started at the latest, the fastest development. The Guangzhou factory has a large scale, standardized production, strong international awareness and high price.

Digital Antenna

    The main product types: outdoor TV antenna, Yagi antenna.

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Guangdong QiaoHua Electronics Co., Ltd.:

    It is an antenna manufacturer that integrates R&D, production, sales and service. It is currently the leading antenna manufacturer in China, mainly engaged in TV receiving antennas, mobile communication antennas and smart antennas.

Zhongshan Wanlitong Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1993, it is a professional manufacturer of TV antenna equipment and has passed ISO9001 quality system certification. The company has advanced equipment and has more than 10 years of experience in producing TV antenna equipment. Higher product price

Traffic Guide: Traffic is very convenient

High-speed railway: There are direct High-speed railway from Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou.

Aircraft: There are direct flights from Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou.